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This Update for them who use adsense for website. If you are using adsense for your Youtube you can skip for this Article.

Google Adsense New Update 2019 – Publishers be alert before 27 October for Auto Ads & Manual Ads

But if you monetize your website or blog using google adsense and enable auto ads and manual custom ads both, Google says that after this update all of your manual ads will not be shown.

Maybe google wants to end Manual ads. Because most of the time manual ads violates the rules of google adsense.

Auto ads gives more profit than manual ads code. So use auto ads, its friendly for your websites.

If you are still wants to use manual ads Then turn off your auto ads from your adsense. You have another option that if your don’t want to show ads in a page, there is excfusions button. You can submit the page url here you don’t want to show ads.

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