Update 0.15.0 will launch on October 16th with new gameplay features, weapon and vehicle, and all sorts of optimizations and upgrades!

Here is Updates of PubG Mobile 0.15.0

PubG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

Update 1: Pubg Mobile will adding the following features from the PC PUBG game:
The one and only, the most powerful semi-auto handgun, the Desert Eagle. The all-new vehicle, replacing the Armored UAZ, the BRDM-2. This behemothis heavily armored, with bulletproof tires and thick plating to protect the passengers.
The long-awaited ledge gran system. From now on, players will be able to get to places they could never before! We are excited to see how players will utilize this new feature and find interesting ways to surprise their enemies!.
The explosive barrels. Back in the day, fuel canisters had very limited utility. Now it can become one of the most lethal weapons used to trap and eliminate your enemy.

Update 2: The new mode is called Payload Mode. It’s very exciting, and was created based on the classic battle royale.This mode includes tons of new items like the helicopter, stinger, RPG, grenade launcher and even airstrike. The new teammate recall system can respawn eliminated players and get them back into the game. The new mode will be filled with surprises. We are currently optimizing the mode to create the best possible experience for players, and we hope to launch it during the 0.15.0 cycle.

Update 3: PubG Mobile understand that the community is very passionate about TDM, and PubG Mobile really appreciate that. Weare working to make TMD even more exciting and faster-paced. PubG mobile actually have finished a new map and it’s currently under QA (testing). This new map will be bigger than the warehouse and faster-paced. How players going to collaborate, what tactic and weapons te players going to use become increasingly important. PubG Mobile believe this new map will bring an all-new experience to our players. Regarding 5v5 however, Pubg still believe 4-people-squad is the most ideal, so Pubg is not considering adding a 5v5 mode for TDM now.

Update 4: During PMCO Spring Split Global Finals, Pubg Mobile announced our plans for Enrangel 2.0. To better present the Erangel 2.0 from the PC PUBG game, Pubg is still finalizing the details of the map, and it will come soon.

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