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In this article I will share with all new features and Leaks of PubG Mobile 16.0 Version. This year’s final update the PUBG Mobile Update is releasing on 11th December 2019. This does not mean the end of PUBG Mobile, even though the year is ending we still going to see the PUBG Mobile next year.

Let’s see what new in PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update Leaks:

  • Healing While Walking
  • TPP to FPP Switching
  • Erangel 2.0
  • Snowboard in Erangel 2.0
  • New Spawn Island
  • Cable Car to climb the Hill
  • Frozen Eggs (Magical Eggs)
  • Loot Crate box in Snow
  • PAN in TDM Mode
  • New TDM Mode – Rage gear

Healing While Walking:

PUBG Mobile has to bring this update because of its competitors like newly born COD Mobile. This game already has this function and we can use any healing while walking.

The best part is PUBG PC and PC Lite also released this feature now its time of PUBG Mobile to add Healing While Walking feature in PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update. This feature is also available in the latest beta version.

TPP to FPP Mode Switching:

Yes, this feature is also owned by PUBG Mobile competitor, and also added in the PC and Lite version of PUBG. This time let’s see if PUBG can bring this TPP to FPP Switching and Vice versa.

There will be some restriction on this mode as you can play a TPP match in TPP and FPP mode but if you are playing an FPP mode match then you will not able to switch the mode.

This feature is only for the purpose of Enjoyment and skill updates; you cannot use it for cheating.

Most Awaited Erangel 2.0 Map:

The Most awaited map in PUBG Mobile is finally coming in this PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update. This is not my word but the Technical CEO of Tencent also promised in the Winter fall split of PMCO championship that PUBG Mobile will have Erangel 2.0 by end of this year and year is ending now.

As the PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update is the last update this year so PUBG Mobile will launch the Erangel 2.0 as an X-Mass gift for PUBG Mobile Players.

Snow and Snowboard in Erangel 2.0

As the New featured Erangel map is launching PUBG Mobile had also given a Snow hill near to Pochinki with a Snowboard to Play on the Snow in Erangel.

You can check the leaks and images are here, The Map let you do skating and fighting on Snow hill in Erangel.

There is a new thing called Snow Eggs in this winter update. The magical Eggs interact when thrown, try to grab and throw it on the ground you will see a statue with chicken on it.

Frozen Eggs
Frozen Eggs
Interaction of Frozen Eggs
Interaction of Frozen Eggs

This is quite mysterious and I hope this may protect us from getting hit by an enemy in open ground. If so then this could be something different in this update.

Cable Car to Climb Hill:

This Snow hill will also have a Cable car to go from hill to the flat ground. As I have seen the video about this leak I get to know this Cable car and Snow hill is near to Pochinki.

If you are interested, then please download the Beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update and Check what’s new in there.

A loot box is also added in the Snow hill where you can find high-level loot like:

  • Medkits
  • Drinks
  • Armour
  • Flare Gun

New Spawn Island:

The Recent leak was there about a map in Arcade or TDM mode with no edits just blank boxes. I think this map is going to be part of it.

The new Spawn Island with only ICE Building is going to be the part of PUBG Mobile and let’s see whether it’s in Battle Royale or any other Mode.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.16 Apk:

New TDM Mode: Rage Gear

A New TDM Mode is going to be the part of PUBG Mobile from this PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update. This Mode will be just driving the car and hitting the enemy car until it gets a blast.

There were leaks for this mode before the season 10 Update but I think this mode was not ready at that time.

So I am going to enjoy this mode as I love just fighting and blasting the vehicles.

Leak: A small leak about old TDM Mode is that the PAN is added in the Beta version of PUBG Mobile TDM Mode. You might be able to use this PAN in the release of the original PUBG Mobile Update.

Photos and Credits: pubgmobileupdate.com

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