Hi everyone.

Today I will share with you the top action games in play store. there are so many games in play store, so it’s very difficult to choose best top 5 android game.

But here is the list of top 5 Android game.

Number-1: PubG Mobile

PubG mobile is most popular game of last few years. it’s a battle royel game. it’s multiplayer online game. you can play with your friend, you can team up in this game. last survival win this game and get chicken dinner.

Number-2: Into The Dead

An Infinite Running post-apocalyptic zombie game which is just like any other runner game you have played before, just with ZOMBIES! You need to dodge the dead men walking until you find a weapon, then you can dodge and also shoot down them down

Number-3: Cafe Rider

Another infinite runner game but with a bike. Cafe Racer has the element of a racing game that uses your phone’s gyroscope to control a bike on a busy highway. You can also pull off a wheelie and some close call stunts.

Number-4:  StandOff 2

A team based shooter game, where you play against real people and only the ones with the best skill shall prevail. You have options of Deathmatch, Round based bomb defusal and Arms Race to choose from, this game also has a very huge arsenal of guns to choose from.

Number-5: Major Mayhem

One of my favourite games over the years, Major Mayhem is a side scrolling shooter game which is unlike any other on the list, compared to the other games this is much more relaxed as all you have to do is tap to shoot and kill. This game has a great story line to follow and you have personal and professional duties to fulfil!

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